Retroperitoneal Kirschner wire migration after surgical treatment in a patient with cerebral palsy

Gökhan Bülent Sever

DOI: 10.5606/ehc.2020.74846

Issue: 2020, Volume 31 - Issue 2
2736 590

Post-stroke bilateral heterotopic ossification: An acute problem with long-lasting consequences

Selin Ozen, Huma Bölük Şenlikci, Oya Ümit Yemişci

DOI: 10.5606/ehc.2020.72081

Issue: 2020, Volume 31 - Issue 2
561 825

Avascular necrosis of the femoral head due to low-dose corticosteroid used in a patient with panhypopituitarism: A case report and literature review

Murat Çalapkulu, Muhammed Kızılgül, Muhammed Erkam Sencar, Hakan Düğer, Bekir Uçan, Erman Çakal, Mustafa Özbek

DOI: 10.5606/ehc.2020.72773

Issue: 2020, Volume 31 - Issue 2
1459 977

A case of acute calcium pyrophosphate arthritis in two rare sites of involvement: The cervical facet and atlantoaxial joint

Suzan Saylısoy

DOI: 10.5606/ehc.2020.74329

Issue: 2020, Volume 31 - Issue 2
680 601

Periprosthetic joint infection with streptococcus dysgalactiae subspecies equisimilis: Case report

Tunay Erden, Bilge Sümbül Gültepe, Fatih Küçükdurmaz

DOI: 10.5606/ehc.2020.73840

Issue: 2020, Volume 31 - Issue 2
2534 828

Are fragility fractures being treated properly?

O. Şahap Atik, Ahmet Aslan, Mustafa Odluyurt

DOI: 10.5606/ehc.2020.57894

Issue: 2020, Volume 31 - Issue 2
492 533

Squamous cell carcinoma originated from chronic osteomyelitis sinus tract in tibia

Ahmet Aslan

DOI: 10.5606/ehc.2020.75084

Issue: 2020, Volume 31 - Issue 2
644 609

Do patients benefit from platelet-rich plasma?

O. Şahap Atik

DOI: 10.5606/ehc.2020.57895

Issue: 2020, Volume 31 - Issue 3
524 586

Does tourniquet use decrease blood loss following primary total knee arthroplasty in Jehovah’s Witness patients?

Ali Levent, Özkan Köse, Philip Linke, Thorsten Gehrke, Mustafa Çıtak

DOI: 10.5606/ehc.2020.76244

Issue: 2020, Volume 31 - Issue 3
468 659

Low-dose vancomycin-loaded cement spacer for two-stage revision of infected total hip arthroplasty

Ömür Çağlar, Mazhar Tokgözoğlu, Rahmi C. Akgün, Bülent Atilla

DOI: 10.5606/ehc.2020.76108

Issue: 2020, Volume 31 - Issue 3
474 676

Arthroscopic treatment of tibial eminence fractures using double-loop endobutton device: Surgical technique and short-term treatment outcomes

Ahmet Yıldırım, Bahattin Kerem Aydın, Sadettin Çiftci, Ali Güleç

DOI: 10.5606/ehc.2020.75636

Issue: 2020, Volume 31 - Issue 3
490 762

Femoral stem fractures after primary and revision hip replacements: A single-center experience

Alper Köksal, Ali Öner, Osman Çimen, Osman Emre Aycan, Hakan Akgün, Furkan Yapıcı, Yalkın Çamurcu

DOI: 10.5606/ehc.2020.76162

Issue: 2020, Volume 31 - Issue 3
503 693

What are the expectations of an editor from a scientific article?

O. Şahap Atik

DOI: 10.5606/ehc.2020.57896

Issue: 2020, Volume 31 - Issue 3
572 541

Percutaneous reduction of irreducible dislocation of the interphalangeal joint of the hallux: A simple technique for a rare injury

Erdi Özdemir, Ali Teoman Evren, Mehmet Özer, Murat Altay

DOI: 10.5606/ehc.2020.76937

Issue: 2020, Volume 31 - Issue 3
459 617

A brief history of artificial intelligence and robotic surgery in orthopedics & traumatology and future expectations

Salih Beyaz

DOI: 10.5606/ehc.2020.75300

Issue: 2020, Volume 31 - Issue 3
495 1034

To sacrifice or replace the posterior cruciate ligament in primary total knee arthroplasty?

O. Şahap Atik, Sualp Turan

DOI: 10.5606/ehc.2020.57897

Issue: 2020, Volume 31 - Issue 3
488 505

Are outpatient total hip and knee arthroplasties safe?

O. Şahap Atik, Cemil Ertürk

DOI: 10.5606/ehc.2020.57898

Issue: 2021, Volume 32 - Issue 1
617 502

Unicompartmental knee arthroplasty results in a better gait pattern than total knee arthroplasty: Gait analysis with a smartphone application

Deniz Çankaya, Sefa Aktı, Şenay Betül Ünal, Erdem Aras Sezgin

DOI: 10.5606/ehc.2021.79635

Issue: 2021, Volume 32 - Issue 1
535 936

Multiple perineural cysts in the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar vertebrae of a mature individual

Mehmet Ali Tokgöz, Ömer Faruk Kılıçaslan, Ayşe Eda Parlak

DOI: 10.5606/ehc.2021.77775

Issue: 2021, Volume 32 - Issue 1
563 919

The survivorship of unicompartmental knee arthroplasty is poorer compared with total knee arthroplasty

O. Şahap Atik, Gökhan Bülent Sever

DOI: 10.5606/ehc.2020.57899

Issue: 2021, Volume 32 - Issue 1
492 428