Median nerve and carpal tunnel volume changes after two different surgical methods: A comparative magnetic resonance imaging study of mini-open and endoscopic carpal tunnel release

Nazmi Bülent Alp, Gökhan Akdağ, Aslı Ceren Macunluoğlu

Issue: 2019, Volume 30 - Issue 3 Pages: 212-216 DOI: 10.5606/ehc.2019.70229
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Does median nerve translate pre- and postoperatively in carpal tunnel syndrome?

Ahmet Yıldırım, Onur Tutar, Alaaddin Nayman, Levent Yalçın, Egemen Altan

Issue: 2018, Volume 29 - Issue 3 Pages: 165-169 DOI: 10.5606/ehc.2018.61262
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Dorsal cutaneous innervation of the hand with respect to anatomical landmarks: is there a safe zone?

Meriç Çırpar, Ali Esmer, Mehmet Türker, Mehmet Yalçınozan

Issue: 2012, Volume 23 - Issue 3 Pages: 161-165
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The efficacy and safety of limited incision technique in carpal tunnel release

Meriç Çırpar, Mahmut Arı, Mehmet Türker, M. Fatih Ekşioğlu, Özgür Çetik

Issue: 2011, Volume 22 - Issue 1 Pages: 033-038
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Factors affecting functional outcomes after surgery to repair extensive volar forearm lacerations with nerve injuries identified via quantitative and qualitative methods

Kenan Güvenç, Erdem Ateş, Zeynel Mert Asfuroğlu

Issue: 2023, Volume 34 - Issue 2 Pages: 405-412 DOI: 10.52312/jdrs.2023.1067
488 699