Outcomes of posterior titanium spinal instrumentation in neuromuscular scoliosis patients

Murat Oto, Larry Holmes, Kenneth Rogers, Güney Yılmaz, Petya Yorgova, Suken A. Shah

Issue: 2012, Volume 23 - Issue 1 Pages: 030-034
0 1534

Effectiveness and safety of posterior titanium instrumentation in children with adolescent idiopathic scoliosis: a prospective study

Murat Oto, Suken A. Shah, Mohammed Ali Hassan Mohammed, Kenny J Rogers, Petya Yorgova, Laurens Holmes

Issue: 2011, Volume 22 - Issue 3 Pages: 124-128
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Joseph W WEHBE, Ghassan N MAALOUF, Rita Maria A CHIDIAC, Alexandre H NEHME, Christian C MORIN

Issue: 2004, Volume 15 - Issue 2 Pages: 097-102
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Complications in Scoliosis Surgery

I Teoman BENLI, Serdar AKALIN, Mahmut KIS

Issue: 1999, Volume 10 - Issue 1 Pages: 008-014
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Decompensation And Imbalance Problems In Idiopathic Scoliosis Treated With Cotrel-Dubousset Instrumentation

I Teoman BENLI, Mert TUZUNER, Mahmut KIS, Serdar AKALIN, Erbil AYDIN

Issue: 1995, Volume 6 - Issue 2 Pages: 032-033
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Comparison of the accuracy of the cannulated pedicle screw and the classical pedicle screw in the treatment of Scheuermann’s kyphosis: A retrospective study

Sinan Yılar, Mete Zeynal, Serdar Toy, Mehmet Köse, Ahmet Köse

Issue: 2020, Volume 31 - Issue 2 Pages: 201-208 DOI: 10.5606/ehc.2020.73017
1423 2131

Management and results of early-onset scoliosis with dual magnetically controlled growing rods: Additional preliminary results of spinal fusion surgery

Ömer Faruk Kılıçaslan, Mehmet Ali Tokgöz, Şevket Bütün, Vugar Nabi, Serdar Akalın

Issue: 2021, Volume 32 - Issue 2 Pages: 478-488 DOI: 10.52312/jdrs.2021.49
2774 842