Aykin SIMSEK, Necdet Sukru ALTUN, Ozcan KAYMAK, Tanju BASKAN


During the period between July 1991 and October 1994, 21 patient with unstable thoracolumbar vertebra fractures were treated surgically with TSRH spinal system at the Department of Orhopedics and Traumatology Gazi University Medical School. There were 12 male and 9 female patients. The mean age was 32.3 (range: 17-59). Patients were evaluated clinically and radiologically after a minimum follow up of two year. Neurological status of the patients were determined according to Frankel classification system. Sagittal index, wedge index, compression ratio and three column distribution were examined with computed tomography and conventional radiography. As a results of these findings, we considered that TSRH spinal system was an effective method for the stabilization of unstable vertebra fractures.