Sahap ATIK, Erdal CILA, Aykin SIMSEK, Mutlu VURAL

Keywords: Knee, Arthroplasty, Patella.


(Is Patellar Resurfacing Necessary?) This clinical study investigates whether patellar resurfacing is necessary in knee arthroplasties. 152 patients with osteoarthritis are included in the study. Knee arthroplasty was performed in all patients and none received patellar resurfacing. Patellar osteophytes were shaved, chondral flaps with the risk of becoming loose were excised, and lateral retinacular release was performed in patients with patellar malalignment. 30 patients had residual patello-femoral joint pain. These were patients with very severe patello-femoral arthritis, or those with inadequate lateral retinacular release. In conclusion; in properly chosen patients, and if necessary, correct technique of lateral retinacular release; we believe that patellar resurfacing should be omitted. This approach will shorten operation times, lower implant costs and most important of all, will decrease the incidence of postoperative complications.