Sadan AY, Umut BEKTAS, Sinan BILGIN, Yusuf YILDIZ, Behcet SEPICI, Eftal GUDEMEZ, Guray ALIN, Hakki GUNCAG, Mahmut KOMURCU, Mehmet ALTINMAKAS, Tarik YAZAR

Ankara University Medical School Ibn-I Sina Hospital Department of Orthopaedic Surgery Samanpazari, Ankara, Turkey

Keywords: DVT, prophylaxis, total hip replacement, enoxoparin


Enoxoparin was applied to 103 patients who had total hip replacement in 4 different orthopaedic clinic for antithrombotic prophylaxis. After the operation this drug was used for an average of 13 (12-15) days and tolerability was observed. Pain on the injection zone, preoperative or postoperative abnormal bleeding, local reactions and haematoma at the injection zone on the 5th day after therapy and their diameters, blood tests (thrombocytes, erythrocytes, leucocytes, haemoglobin and haemotocryte) counting were the criteria of this study. There was no local or systemic reaction at the patients. 23 patients had pain in the injection site but there was no complaint about this situation. In one patient, at the 3rd day postoperatively, acute arterial emboli was detected and enoxoparin was stopped. 2 patients (1.9 %) had abnormal bleeding following the first 2 days of surgery. Deep vein thrombosis occurred in 5 patients (4.8 %), then therapy was continued and clinical healing was identified in these 5 patients.