Keywords: Osteoid Osteoma, Treatment, Intraoperative CT.


En bloc resection applications were used in osteoid osteoma treatment. For increase of confidence and decrease of complications of this method, we need some new applications to support it. The purpose of this study was to evaluate osteoid osteoma cases who have been treated by intraoperative CT supported en bloc resection. Between January 1993 and August 1996, ten patients who had osteoid osteoma were studied. There were seven male and three female patients and ages ranged from 9 to 48. All osteoid osteomas were located in the appendicular skeleton. ln all patients treatment was confirmed by intraoperative CT of the resection material. In all these patients' materials nidus was checked in the CT radiograms. If confirmation was obtained, operations was finished by the surgeon. All patients were successfully treated with complete relief of pain. There was no recurrence of symptoms during a follow-up period of 9-38 months. Histological confirmation was obtained in all cases. Intraoperative CT supported en bloc resection treatment is effective and a safe choice for osteoid osteoma treatment.