Recep Öztürk1, Emin Kursat Bulut2

1Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology, Dr. Abdurrahman Yurtaslan Ankara Oncology Training and Research Hospital, Ankara, Türkiye
2Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology, Niğde Ömer Halisdemir Üniversity, Niğde, Türkiye

Keywords: Bone tumor, cortical hypertrophy, hemangioma, intramuscular, periosteal reaction.


Although hemangiomas are the most common soft tissue tumors, intramuscular hemangiomas account for only 0.8% of all vascular tumors. These lesions are rarely located adjacent to the bone and cause changes in the adjacent bone. They are often mistakenly diagnosed as bone tumors. In this study, a case of a 19-year-old male patient with intramuscular hemangioma causing cortical thickening was reported.

Citation: Öztürk R, Bulut EK. Cortical hypertrophy in intramuscular hemangioma mimicking bone tumor. Jt Dis Relat Surg 2024;35(2):417-421. doi: 10.52312/jdrs.2024.1604.

Author Contributions

Contributed significantly to data collection and assisted in manuscript preparation: E.K.B.; Wrote the manuscrpit and critically revised the manuscript for important intellectual content; All authors have read and approved the final version of the manuscript: R.Ö.

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