Weicheng Qin, Yue Fang

West China Hospital of Sichuan University, Orthopaedic Institute, Chengdu, China

Keywords: Asymmetrical hip dislocation, trauma, traumatic hip dislocation


Traumatic bilateral hip dislocation is a rare phenomenon. Simultaneous traumatic asymmetrical bilateral hip dislocation is even more unusual. There is no report in the literature regarding the mechanism of injury in tramcar squeezing. A 49-year-old male who had a serious tramcar accident and developed asymmetric bilateral hip dislocations (left posterior, right anterior) combined with fracture of left acetabulum and multiple injuries was admitted. Right hip dislocation was treated with manual reduction. Left hip dislocation, fracture of acetabulum and bilateral pubis, and open wound of left thigh were treated with open reduction and internal fixation. In conclusion, hip dislocation should be performed with manual reduction within 6 h. If manual reduction fails, open reduction and even internal fixation can be performed to prevent complications, such as avascular necrosis of the femoral and heterotopic ossification.

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