Osman Onaç1, Yakup Alpay2, Furkan Yapıcı3, Avni İlhan Bayhan4

1Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology, Tatvan State Hospital, Tatvan, Turkey
2Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology, Sultanbeyli State Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey
3Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology, Erzincan University Faculty of Medicine, Erzincan, Turkey
4Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology, Health Science University, Baltalimani Bone Diseases Training and Research Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey

Keywords: Acetabular dysplasia, hip dysplasia, magnetic resonance imaging, open reduction


Objectives: The aim of this study was to evaluate correlation of post-reduction magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)-based parameters with residual acetabular dysplasia in developmental dysplasia of the hip (DDH) patients who underwent open reduction.

Patients and methods: A total of 62 hips of 54 children (5 males, 57 females; mean age: 8.5±3.5 months; range, 0 to 24 months) with a diagnosis of DDH who underwent open reduction between January 2012 and January 2017 were retrospectively analyzed. The acetabular head index (AHI), head coverage index (HCI), sphericity, bony acetabular index (BAI), cartilage acetabular index (CAI), anterior acetabular index (AAI), posterior acetabular index (PAI), abduction angle (AA), and acetabular medial wall thickness were measured by MRI. The correlation between MRI measurements and residual acetabular dysplasia was evaluated.

Results: The mean follow-up was 23.7±10.1 (range, 12 to 56) months. The mean age at the final examination was 47.6±10.4 months. The age at the time of operation (r=0.250, p=0.049), medial wall thickness (r=0.304, p=0.016), AAI (r=0.729, p<0.001), PAI (r=0.590, p<0.001), and early postoperative AI (r=0.900, p<0.001) at the third postoperative month were positively correlated with the last follow-up AI. The AHI (r=-0.512, p<0.001), sphericity (r=-0,661, p<0.001), and HCI (r=-0.554, p< 0.001) were negatively correlated with the last follow-up AI.

Conclusion: Post-reduction MRI parameters can be used to evaluate correlation with persistent acetabular dysplasia in DDH patients.

Citation: Onaç O, Alpay Y, Yapıcı F, Bayhan Aİ. Correlation of postoperative magnetic resonance image measurements with persisting acetabular dysplasia in open reduction of developmental hip dysplasia. Jt Dis Relat Surg 2021;32(2):461-467.

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