Li-Ming Song1*, Gui-Xin Wang2*, Lei Wang1

1Department of Joint Surgery, Tianjin Hospital, Tianjin, China
2Department of Traumatic Orthopedics, Tianjin Hospital, Tianjin, China

Keywords: Biomaterial, carbon fiber-reinforced, meta-analysis, plate, polyetheretherketone, proximal humeral fracture, titanium.


Objectives: The aim of the present meta-analysis was to compare the efficacy and safety of the carbon fiber-reinforced polyetheretherketone (CFR-PEEK) and titanium plate for the treatment of proximal humeral fractures (PHFs) from clinical comparative trials.

Materials and methods: A comprehensive search of English databases was carried out, such as PubMed, Web of Science, ScienceDirect, Springer and Cochrane Library databases. The RevMan version 5.1 software was applied for statistical analysis, and the mean difference (MD) and risk difference (RD) as the combined variables, and “95%” as the confidence interval (CIs).

Results: One randomized-controlled trial and five retrospective controlled studies including 282 PHFs were considered eligible and finally included. Meta-analysis demonstrated that there were significant differences in Constant score (CS) (MD=9.23; 95% CI: 5.02, 13.44; p<0.0001), anterior elevation (MD=18.83; 95% CI: 6.27, 31.38; p=0.003), lateral elevation (MD=18.42; 95% CI: 3.64, 33.19; p=0.01) and adduction (MD=3.53; 95% CI: 0.22, 6.84; p=0.04). No significant differences were observed regarding Constant score compared to the contralateral shoulder, Oxford Shoulder Score, internal rotation, external rotation, screw perforation and cutout, varus/valgus malalignment, humeral head collapse/necrosis, implant removal, and revision surgery between the two groups.

Conclusion: Compared to titanium plate, CFR-PEEK plate showed better Constant score, anterior elevation, lateral elevation and adduction in treating PHFs. The complications are comparable to those achieved with conventional titanium plates.

* These authors contributed equally to this work.

Citation: Song LM, Wang GX, Wang L. Comparison between CFR-PEEK and titanium plate for proximal humeral fracture: A meta-analysis. Jt Dis Relat Surg 2024;35(3):i-viii. doi: 10.52312/ jdrs.2024.1611.